9.30AM - 6.30PM
24th February 2019
NIIT University

TEDxNIITUniversity saw its first edition last year with the theme “The Precipice- On the brink of change” and it witnessed a phenomenal trail of amusing experiences, thoughts, and heart enthralling cutting edge decisions of some of the brightest minds of the country who shared their ground-breaking ideas and inspired the youth with all they had in store on this global platform.
All the speakers made the day-long event multidimensional and intriguing.

We, at NIIT University, have always believed that the nature we nurture is all of the strength that enables us to purge to a stage of self introspection with all the calm of the atmosphere & self belief that one needs to live an imagined good life. Inculcating all this at its best ,at the foot of mighty Aravali’s, we aim to carry the legacy forward and bring a bigger and a better version with a joyous spirit of TED as amusing as ever this year as well.

We brought about 200 village kids together to educate them about Financial and digital literacy.
Our dramatics society Rangmanch NU, also highlighted and presented topics that India has been battling with for a very long time, such as dowry, child molestation and the old age community.

They put a twist to each story, giving it a chilling end. Each story had a moral that helped the audience think about their compulsive thoughts and make conscious decisions.

A former member of the Cabinet, Mr. Salman Khurshid has held office as the Minister of External Affairs and Minister of Law and Justice. He is an accomplished lawyer, an avid reader and has been a lecturer at The University of Oxford. His book, Beyond Terrorism: New Hope for Kashmir is renowned in the particular genre and has received rave reviews by critics. He believes in the value of a choice and how it affects your course of action.

The former CEO of KPMG, he's a skilled professional in Enterprise Risk Management, Business Planning, Internal Audit, Accounting, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With over 28 years of multi layered, multi sectoral, top-of-the-pyramid experience and serving clients across sectors including advertising, oil and gas, industrial and consumer markets and specifically in the pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing and retail domains Richard Rekhy comes with real time extensive experience coupled with detailed understanding of corporate governance.

The power of words is infinite and there is no other man who knows this that well. An artist, an author, a life coach, scientist, philosopher, social entrepreneur, storyteller, brand creator and a CSR & NGO consultant, Onkar Khullar is one person living ten lives. Also known as the ‘Digital Gandhi’, Onkar is the founder of I Impact India. This organization aids the NGO’s in effective communication to help fundraising and proper channelization of the funds raised. He started this organization by developing a revolutionary game-changing process called ‘Impact Thinking’, which won the Pride of India award in 2015. Deemed as India’s most dangerous speaker, this breakup guru of our generation inspires hope, ignites imagination and instills a new vigour in the youth with his words.Youngsters across the country have renowned him as the “Rockstar of the social revolution”.

A milestone in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sirena Technologies’ Nino is on its way to revolutionise the education sector in India. The humanoid robot allows the curriculum to be specifically designed and mapped according to the syllabi of the respective school grades. It not just facilitates the task of making lessons more interactive for the students, but also helps explore their individual skills. The 3.5 feet robot is equipped with IMU and touch sensors, voice control and app control. It uses IoT for object and personality identification.

Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia has devoted forty years of is life in protecting our nation. He superannuated after 40 years of as the Director General Military Operations (DGMO). As the DGMO, he was directly responsible for talks with his counterpart in Pakistan to ensure the first sustained ceasefire. Lt. Bhatia is the recipient of the Param Vishisht Seva Medal, Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Vir Chakra and Siachen Glacier Medal among many others.

"In the 21st century, where lives are based more on the virtual media than in real time it is absolutely imperative that one knows how to protect oneself in this game of cloak and daggers." The essence of cyber security has been captured by this line stated by our next speaker, The Cyber Security Expert of India, Mr. Rakshit Tandon. Pick,pay, post, like, subscribe might be mere words of what they call the cyber survival paraphernalia for netizens but there’s more to it. Rakshit Tandon, the Director of the Council of Information Security, has worked tirelessly towards sensitising the youth of the country towards the risks associated with the so called virtual world.

CEO of Bharti Airtel Limited, Rajasthan, Nidhi Kashyap Lauria is the First Female Business Head of a Telecommunication Company in India. One can truly understand her vision of harmony and a team conquered success by her belief through what she says- “In my opinion the best compliment one can get as a leader is you make me want to be a better professional’” The social entrepreneur who is helping women become financially independent through her brainchild - project Dwaarpe, is a true professional when it comes to work and at the same time a great leader for her team.

Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl made us realise that age is not barrier when we want to achieve our dreams. Apart from being an entrepreneur, influencer and a humanitarian, Sangeeta is also the oldest Indian woman to conquer the the highest peak of the world. Scaling Mount Everest at the age of 53 she has climbed six of the highest peaks in six different continents.

Founder and CEO of AT-Lead- Mr. Atif Inayat Khan, is leading this drone manufacturing company encompassing GIS Mapping, Drone Surveillance and Vigilance and is a force to be reckoned with. Just the age of 24, he's also an industry mentor, UAV tech speaker and a UAV design trainer.

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