TEDx NIIT University

aditya bhandari

Aditya Bhandari

Aditya Bhandari is the founder of 'Free The Verse', an art community organization working for the development and growth of art across India. A spoken word poet, writer, musician, multi-media artist, and a computer programmer. He has previously given two TEDx's, Sofar Sound performances, and has been a United Nations speaker

Danielle Bastien

Dhruv Shah

Dhruv Shah cuts out a figure of inspiration for audiences. Being an activist, actor, writer, he knows how to get a social message across various diverse audiences and he actively encourages people to discuss sensitive issues through his platform SPEAK.

dig Shalin

DIG Shalin

A graduate from IIT, procurer of the Special Duty Medal, for meritorious services services rendered to the Police force, a braveheart who places his country above all. These are only a few of the many qualities and accolades to describe DIG Shalin. With great honour, we welcome this steadfast patriot to our panel of speakers.

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Manoj Keshwar

Mr. Keshwar’s ability and drive to complete the trans-continental road trip to London with his biking group “Dream 25,” shows that his passion to push beyond the limits is unmatched. Manoj Keshwar’s aim to live a wholesome and fulfilling life is something which motivates something which motivates our youth to find things they’re passionate about, so that they never spend a day in their lives regretting a decision they made.

sushruti krishna

Sushruthi Krishna

Having secured the runner-up spot at the much acclaimed beauty pageant, Femina Miss India in 2016, Sushruthi Krishna is one of the most powerful and influential personalities of this past decade. She’s a firm believer of gender equality, and actively works towards the empowerment of women. We are elated to announce that we will be playing host to this youth icon at our upcoming TEDx event.

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Tirthak Saha

Tirthak Saha is an Electrical Engineer, an active blogger, Chairperson of Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne (IPFW) University's Industrial Advisory Board. He is known for his name in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. Tirthak's job encompasses him modernising and modernising and revamping electric grids in the American Midwest, by using Smart Grid technologies. It is with great pleasure that we confirm his presence at our TEDx event.

Danielle Bastien

Mr Vijay Rao

Mr. Rao’s stage performance group, named “The Achievers,” which comprises of the child comprises of the children from 35 schools across Delhi, have performed the world’s first musical theatre show based on the Tsunami, titled “Triumph of the Human Spirit” gained worldwide recognition. His exceptionally diverse skillset, which ranges from cover stories with ac stories with accurate share price predictions to workshops on public speaking and enhancing soft skills, serves as a figure of inspiration for our young audiences here.

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Zoe Modgill

Zoe Modgill is a founder and instructor at Studio 60, a group fitness gym that’s been responsible for getting women in Delhi to pump out and work hard. Armed with a Degree in Graphic Design, a BA in Social & Ethical Advertising as well as an instructor qualification for Les Mills Cxworx and Bodypump, Zoe is an inspired artist, novel graphic designer and enthusiastic fitness instructor.