Meet Our Team!

STAVETA PARASHAR, Organizer & Licensee
Few people have the diligence and assiduity as our Organiser, Staveta Parashar. Being an eloquent instigator and a laborious mentor, she has contributed immensely to the TEDxNIITUniversity community, and is resolute to stay the course. Apart from her structurally sound disposition and exemplary work ethics, she possesses considerable culinary and artistic virtuosity. Her jovial persona is of great help in taxing situations and her remarkable improvising skills ensure that she is always astute and captivating, through her decisions. Staveta's solicitous character and indomitable will keeps the team bonded and driven, and we anticipate glorious strides for our community, with her contributions.
RAGHAV DUNGA, Co-organizer
“The story of the known is where our knowledge lies, the story of the unknown is where true knowledge commences and somewhere between the two lies the minds of the wise.”

With a consolidated mindset, open to dynamism and quality of thought, our organiser, Raghav Dunga stands as a person of strong influence and insight. With the passion and an aptitude for coding, he naturally gravitates to all things computer. From the realm of game development to that of sports, his skills have always stood a class apart. The rational thinking and logical approach he possesses is what adds a depth of meaning and expression to any situation. His sagacious temperament emanates poise and calm with which he has managed to leave an exceptional impact not only on the team but also on the audiences.
Some students are the personification of success and a rare find. Mrityunjay Sahoo is one of them! The head of the Customer Experience Management team, Mrityunjay has built an intangible foundation where he sparks thoughts that provoke new conversations, generate curiosity, lend a different perspective, and inspire people to think differently. A mastermind of football, he celebrates his victories to the fullest, but he also knows how to brush off a loss. Off the field, he worked with OYE to alter the norms of the current society and creating a new one where education, health and self-worth are the footholds upon which lie the pillars of the youth's success. His work is unrivalled as he has a league of his own. A programming lover is what completes his impressive personality. This quadrilingual doesn’t need a spotlight to prove that he is a diamond who is at his best under pressurised conditions. His speech has an aura to scrutinise both sides of the coin in any situation thus earning his place in the room.
MANKARAN BHATIA, Production Team Lead
“Sometimes, things may not go your way, but the effort should be there every single night”

- Michael Jordan

Mankaran is a full on power packed person, with the ability to make rational decisions in highly tense situations. He has a knack for unleashing an individual’s full potential and making them bloom by preparing them to compose themselves under pressure with the right amount of exposure, whilst keeping team morale high. Karate is one of Mankaran’s fortes, and while he can drop kick you instantly, he also instinctively knows when to make the right move, when to block an incoming attack, and when to pounce when an opportunity presents itself. Mankaran can be a very entertaining source of gossip, and also a very caring and composed mentor. His fiery passion in the work he does is evident, and he also keeps himself and the people around him grounded to reality, making him more than capable to lead the Production Team. A genuine and adorned senior, who knows when to keep it mellow and when to put your game face on.
AMAN JAIN, Sponsorship Team Lead
Aman Jain, a feisty human being who can scare you out of your wits at first sight with his intimidating vibe, but when you really interact with him, and really listen beyond his words, he spews wisdom. Basketball is one of the sports he plays, and Aman portrays his prowess, composure beyond the court. Aman smells an opportunity and pounces on it just like a basketball player pounces on an alley oop! He strikes deals no one can refuse, builds a rapport instantly with the companies he cold calls and still maintains a professional demeanour when the situation requires it. It is said -

“Dedication is an intensity of strength”, and Aman is a personification of that quote! On certain occasions, he can really dedicate his energy to “Aankho ka yo kaajal.” Who else would the title of Sponsorship Head suit more on, than Aman himself!
"People who shine from within don't need a spotlight".

Gregarious and compassionate are a few words to describe the Design team lead, Chirag Bhatnagar. An introvert who loves indulging in group activities and helping out his teammates. He is passionate about his work and is a carefree soul. A prolific graphic designer, he dedicates his heart and soul to his work and exhibits his versatility through his work. An efficient performer and problem-solver, he serves as a role model to aspiring graphic designers. Aside from that, Chirag is a good conversationalist on many philosophical fronts and lends a perspective that was never before imagined.
Chaitanya Chaudhry, the lead of the Tech team is one of the most diligent and efficient individuals, following the norms of methodology in his respective area of concern. He can be described as the epitome of hard work and rigour who abides by the principles of punctuality and discipline, highly repudiating the belief of sheer-luck. He sustains ethics of organization and has a systematic approach to workload, strongly upholding the virtues of reliability and success. A responsible leader who stimulates coordination and cooperation among his team members thereby leading to a boost in efficiency and productivity. He gets the team engaged in interactive sessions of collaboration, involving brainstorming which enables the inculcation of innovative prospects in the workfront. Known to generate an active rhythm in the work environment, he carries a calm and composed ambience, along with an approachable aura, showing vigour and readiness in acts of assisting his core body. He holds significant knowledge and experience in the technological realm and has covered noteworthy aspects of the same with his active programming. He is a machine learning enthusiast who believes in qualitative results more than quantitative.
ISHIKA SHRUTI, Creative Team Lead
“An artist dips her brush in her soul and paints her nature into her paintings”

– Henry Ward Beecher

A quote which is tailor-made for someone so creative and visionary, yet so calm. Meet Ishika Shruti, our creative head this year. An exemplary, paint-stained persona whose life is as colorful as her creations on the canvas. She has an introverted personality and exhibits her expressions through her works. This extremely dedicated and hardworking woman has a heart of gold. She is also a high-spirited person you can ever come across. The heart of any TEDx event is its creativity and uniqueness. Leading the Creative team of this year’s event, this woman is sure to lead from the front and create an unforgettable experience for everyone in a quintessential way.
Meet the head of the capture team, Karunesh Bamanjogi, who has faith in the present as opposed to the future. Karunesh captures entire emotions and the essence of the environment in one photo, always looking for that unconventional click that may seem normal at first, but when looked at carefully brings out many new details that may be overlooked. There are multiple layers that a photograph can capture, and Karunesh manages to master that art every single time, making something as ordinary as a photo of sun rays popping out on a rainy, gloomy day, appear full of life, conveying a deeper message inside a captured photograph. Aside from that, Karunesh gives off a warm and calming vibe that everyone can feel, creating an environment that is fun, casual yet professional at the same time.

Previous Year Team


Srikeerthana Reddy

Production Head

Arjun Bakshi

Art Head

Aditya Joshi

Lead Curator

Astha Kumar

Design Head

Abhilash Bhowmik

Web Dev. Head

Somanshu Singh

Photography Head

Yuvraj Singh